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Auto change over panel ACSW 2Auto change over panel ACSW 2
Auto change over panel for the twin fan range to either monitor the electrical current or to be operated with an airflow switch (accessory) and to switch to the second fan when failure is detected. A visual and audible alarm indicates that the first fan has failed so that action can be taken. Rated maximum power is 8 Amps.
Price: £219.00
Auto change over panel ACSWECAuto change over panel ACSWEC
Auto change over panel for the ITEC twin fan range using current sensing. Duty sharing (8 options from 4 to 24 hours),Manual selection, variable overloads, Alarm output for BMS. Built in trickle and boost with adjustable speeds. Rated maximum power is 8 Amps, IP 40. Dimensions 190W X 240H x 70D.
Price: £226.00
Time clock  for Heat recovery units KWL WSUTime clock for Heat recovery units KWL WSU
Digital programmable time clock for Helios heat recovery KWLC 350 and 650 plus the KWL EC 350 and 650 units. The time clock has a LCD display and has adjustable timer for each day of the week.
Price: £166.00
Helios Passive infra red sensor - PIRHelios Passive infra red sensor - PIR
Passive infra red sensor for switching fans of up to 6 amps on with a built in run on timer. Can be ceiling or wall mounted and either flush or surface mounted.
Price: £59.00
Run on timer Helios ZNERun on timer Helios ZNE
Adjustable electronic run on timer for fans where the fan needs to run on for a period after the light switch, door switch or other switched live is switched off. Offering an adjustable run on time from 0 to 21 minutes in a compact design that enables this to be fitted in to tight spaces especially useful for retro fitting. Maximum current 0.8amps induction
Price: £41.00
Room thermostat Helios TME1Room thermostat Helios TME1
Robust electronic thermostat offering on /off control of electric devices such as fans and heaters. Maximum current 16 amps with a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees centigrade. The casing is impact resistant light grey polymer offering an IP 54 enclosure.
Price: £59.00
Humidistat Helios HY3Humidistat Helios HY3
Room humidistat to monitor the air humidity in the room and switch on a fan or fans to change the air and reduce the humidity.
Price: £59.00
Reversing switch Helios WSReversing switch Helios WS
Reversing switch for reversing the rotation and air direction of axial flow fans. Suitable for axail fans upto 5.5 kW and both single and three phase.
Price: £52.00
Fan overheat protection Helios MW & MDFan overheat protection Helios MW & MD
Overheat protection for fan motors with TK connections (that is most of the Helios range). The MW is a single phase overheat protection unit and the MD is a three phase overheat protection unit The TK or thermal cut outs monitor the temperature in the motor windings
Price: £65.00
Airflow switch Helios SWTAirflow switch Helios SWT
A duct mounted paddle switch that sensors the airflow velocity and indicates when there is too much or too little airflow. With an adjustable set point and requires a minimum duct size of 315mm.
Price: £135.00
Duct sensor for CV heaters Helios TFKDuct sensor for CV heaters Helios TFK
Duct sensor with temperature probe to monitor duct air temperature and control the CV heater range.
Price: £54.00
Room sensor for CV heaters Helios TFRRoom sensor for CV heaters Helios TFR
Room temperature sensor to monitor room duct air temperature and control the CV heater range.
Price: £116.00
 TCW 24 hour time switch
Analogue 24 hour Surface Mount Timer Switch TCW 24. Suitable for switching up to 16 amp inductive load such as fans etc.
Price: £137.00

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